Thanksgiving - that national tradition of stuffing yourself so full of turkey and various other heart attack inducing foodstuffs to leave you comatose on the couch.

But due to a shortage in turkeys thanks to someone in the 70's needing to toss them out of planes (don't ask me how the economy works) in the 1950's the government was afraid all of the schoolchildren would turn communist. So this short was born, a warning to everyone that if you are not grateful for your small miserable little American life then the government could just break down your door and take your small popcorn bowl away when you weren't looking.

Perfect for anyone who's facing a huge family Thanksgiving dinner, a small intimate gathering, or planning on eating a Hungry Man in front of the TV this short will make you grateful that you're not stuck in their horrific little world being forced to recite at McCarthy gunpoint every democratic thing you're thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving.


Halloween is a time of mischief and fun when you cosplay as a Hammer Monster or the latest breakfast cereal mascot and gorge yourself on enough sugar to power a nuclear sub. Or at least it used to.

This PSA was created in the late 70's in response to all the fears parents had that their children had the balancing abilities of Peter O'Toole at Oktoberfest and were collapsing all over the roads in the town of eternal darkness. And who can forget all those razor blades/syringes/hand grenades that were never actually hidden in Halloween candy. Well this short sure can't.

Even dressing as a simple witch is banned by the Anti-Fun police and instead suggest you dress your child as something a bit less politically correct.
Check out Halloween Safety and afterward strap on a gimp mask and run through your neighborhood down the middle of the road munching on raw apples laced with strychnine to celebrate the classic Halloween.

"You guys, fantastic job on "Halloween Safety". REALLY funny!!" - an awesome lady (who isn't my Mom, I swear).


When asked what is your all time favorite food you'd be pretty hard pressed to find someone to shout out "SOYBEANS" before putting their underwear on their head and passing out literature on Elvis's new home on Pluto.

Yet scientists, agronomists and hollywood were pushing soybeans down our throats in the '50's. Every beach movie heavily featured a scene of Frankie Avalo chowing down on a pile of tofu and soybean sprouts.

Come along where it all started when scientists first brought Soybeans to the masses in Science and Agriculture (the soybean).

They never got the title figured out.


In our modern go go world where danger lurks around every corner threatening to swallow us whole and spit us out in tiny human chunks comes a friendly little short from Chevrolet to try and convince a man who is lucky to have survived past age five that he is far safer in his car than while trying to perform simple mundane tasks that are certain to lead to a snapped neck like taking a bath or hanging a picture.

The Safest Place on Earth is a simpler time when men were men and women were women and cars with windows were a novel idea.

Join us on a trip to The Safest Place on Earth - not valid in Mississippi, New Jersey or Mordor.

In a world filled with tea parties crazy enough to put out the mad hatter, Russian spies that rub elbows with Paris Hilton and Glenn Beck we look to a simpler time: a time when all we had to fear were the Russian commie rats trying to poison the water supply and no amount of turtles covering and or ducking could save us all from nuclear annihilation.

Make Mine Freedom is all about a town filled with 3 foot tall cartoon stereotypes as they weigh the pros and cons of embracing the devil's new government and just when is America supposed to get it's shiny new straw hat?

A special appearance by a Disney character gone mad with power.


Come along as little Billy learns the horrors that await him every night as he flips on his radio and is whisked away to a world of cowboys, more cowboys, old people and the dead eyed zombies who provide the sound effects that rot little Billy's brain so.

There will be action, danger, women driving cars, and a special guest appearance by Air Flap bladders.

All this and more can be yours with Back of the Mike.


Much like the existence of BigFoot, the location of the holy grail, and who thought peanuts submerged in Jell-O was a good idea the human conscious is constantly on the hunt to discover how to throw the perfect party.

Let the Committee for the Perfect Party Planners from that legendary head of the Homemaking Education Department show us the way as Gene and her wild gang of 40 year old highschoolers plan a coming out party for Steve. You can barely contain your excitement as they tear through the mixer games and sing a rousing public domain song.

Join us on our trip through a good Party.