Friday, May 22, 2015

Pink is not less than Blue

Supergirl in Pink
The trailer for the coming CBS Supergirl show dropped and the way people reacted you'd think the creators used Flash's superspeed to travel back in time to kick everyone's childhood.

As you can see, after the obligatory "My name is..." opening that every single tv show has to start with now, we find our Supergirl isn't super at all yet. She's doing menial things, menial girly things! AAHHHHH!!!!

The reaction was as surprising as a sunset to the inclusion of clothing, dating, or anything with that tinge of feminine pink:
See! You can't have punching next to girly shit. That's like impossible. Punching is serious business that only men and women who aren't like those other girls can do. But fashion? That's silly stuff those ladies play with until they find a husband. It's not important like building an earthquake machine or unleashing a horde or superpowered men on a city because someone hurt your feelings. That's true man shit there.

Everyone is rushing to call it trite and stereotypical (and tell the same stupid joke about SNL over and over and over again) because all they can see is oh god, girly shit! Girly shit is bad! Only boy shit matters!

And we're here yet again.

Anything within the sphere of feminine is and has always been downgraded and cast aside as if it's little more than a trifle or distraction. The ladies are just doing some housework, they're just raising kids, they're just playing with makeup or clothes, while the men get on with the important business of making another batman movie.


Thursday, May 21, 2015

iZombie: Mr. Berserk

We've got consequences, hopefully the culmination of Major's gaslighting, and what looks like the big baddie for next season all in this episode. Let's get to it!

Liv sits in the interrogation room she's weirdly lorded over in past episodes while Clive usually looks on entertained. She's being drilled for the death of Lowell. Apparently, his neighbors aren't as deaf as Major's and heard the gunshot.

Having, once again, found Liv surrounded by dead people, the police decide that maybe they should try doing that detective stuff they keep seeing on tv. She won't tell the truth about Blaine and claims she was driving to meet him, but twist! Our Lieutenant Suzuki (who finally got a name, round of applause) is framing Lowell's death as a suicide.

I say it's because Blaine's pressuring him still to make all his mistakes vanish. My husband says it's to keep the knowledge of zombies on the downlow. What do you think? I suppose it could be both. Flat bottom tacos for everyone!

After trying to comfort Liv at the police station (which must have reserved parking for those two by now) Ravi's back at home confronting a raving Major. This guy hasn't just dipped a toe into the deep end, he's flung himself fully clothed off the high dive. Despite Major's puppy dog eyes practically crying out for someone, anyone, to tell him the truth, Ravi still won't do it. I never thought it would happen because he "looks like he fell out of a Nicholas Spark movie," but I feel terrible for Major. Would someone just give that Ken Doll a hug and tell him it'll be okay?!

Because she's still on that PTSD brain (which we barely touched on last episode), Liv comes into work to eat. Ravi tries to talk her out of gnoshing on the latest murder victim. "Her cerebral spinal fluid practically came out on the rocks with a lemon twist." But brain of the week we must, so brain of the week we shall. While Liv enjoys some pad brain thai, Ravi pulls out the paperwork on Lowell and makes a damn good point. There's a mass murdering sociopath zombie out there who knows where they both work. He's got the cops in his pocket. It would be best to play along and sign off on Lowell's death being a suicide. Though, since he talks about personally disposing of the body apparently, despite being a trustfund zombie, Lowell had no family.

Liv in her still shocked state refuses to think about any of it and tosses the forms back at Ravi, which makes sense. It seems rather cruel of the police department/city/Earl the form fairy to force someone to sign off on the death of a person they knew. Doesn't the morgue have its own "I won't cut out the liver of a family member" rule doctors have?

Clive swings by after getting some amazing pie from the bakery beside the morgue which prompts Liv to have her first zombie vision where Rebecca, the reporter, is snagged up by some guys in ski-masks (which wouldn't have looked weird in the elevator ride up there) and thrown down stairs. They use her fingerprints to unlock her phone. Biometrics endanger more lives than they save. Wake up iphone sheeple!


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Cover Reveal Reveal Reveal Reveal...

I'm really bad at this holding stuff back to build up suspense thing. I get way too excited and want to share everything the second it leaves my "workshop."

So, without further ado, here's a book cover for a manuscript that's still 99.999% in my head:

Here are all the Dwarves in Space covers I've currently got. As you can see, there are quite a few more books coming down the pipeline.

Giant Tentacle Tutorial

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a woman in possession of pool noodles will be in want of a tentacle.

For those unaware, I'm a bit of a Halloween nut. And by bit I mean when the basement recently flooded I had to move piles of skeletons, coffins, and ghosts to mop up the carpet. I'm also big into making my own stuff rather than buying whatever cheap plastic crap the stores spit out every October.

On top of the graveyard, dragon cave, spider pit, and scarecrow salon I wanted to add something a bit aquatic.

I swiped the idea from a tutorial here. The biggest thing I changed was putting the suckers in the proper formation instead of haphazardly chucking them everywhere. I'll also show how to make the twists and turns of my tentacles.

It takes:
  • Three pool noodles of varying sizes
  • 1/2" & 3/4" pipe insulation foam to chop up into the suckers
  • a wire hanger
  • a crap ton of duct tape (over 60 yards to make two tentacles)
  • grocery bags/filling
  • spray paint


Monday, May 18, 2015

Meet Taliesin

Because artists pass around the same $50 bill between each other, I've been wanting to get commission drawings of all my main Dwarves in Space characters.

Rather than go with one person, I'd like to find someone who's style embodies the feel of one character and let 'em at it. When I saw Abilene's work I thought "Taliesin."

Meet my elven assassin who - despite the job title - is more dork than suave.
“It would be either a very skilled or very unwise man to steal from an assassin.”
And head over to arts n' farts if you're looking for a character drawing of your own.