Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Body Soap

Hi everyone, if you're a bit curious why it's been a little light around here every year the University shuts down for the week between Christmas and New Years so my husband is home and we're getting up to wild and crazy things.

Or we were planning on it right up until God thought the world would look a lot better buried under two feet of snow (you should see the pile from the Walmart parking lot though, I think we finally got some mountains in Nebraska).

Now that we've tried to take over Christmas and failed miserably we're back to planning next years Halloween.

There has been making jars for specimens (which are a few days from being complete so I'll show later, I promise) and ordering of lab coats (you can get anything off Amazon). Eventually we want to make some scary heads for static props (one a Dwarf, the other a science experiment gone wrong).

But in the mean time I've stumbled across a Halloween project my husband and I can work on together that's also entertaining year round.

You may remember back in October my husband had a crazy idea to make chocolate body parts. He got as far as sculpting the Liver and the Brain to make molds and then got derailed because cornstarch couldn't hold the details.
A google search and online purchase later and I found some amazing silicone putty that will create molds of whatever you want in less than a half hour.

And while reading through the list of just what all you can use this stuff for an idea popped into my head, what if for Halloween I make a little coffin shaped soap dish and put a bunch of organ and other body shaped good smelling soaps in it.

A soap making kit purchase later and here's the first test run of the four body parts we currently have.
There will be a lot more playing, a lot more figuring out colors and I was told of an awesome website for really cool fragrances so each body part can smell like something different.

The test runs actually smell pretty good right now but I've got wild/crazy ideas.

What do you think of mine and my hubbys body parts soap? You kinda have to get more into the Halloweeney mood, but it sure is fun.

Monday, December 28, 2009

A Very Merry UnChristmas to you


Is Christmas over? Can we finally come out of our Hobbit Hole and explore the wide world?

After weighing the pluses and minuses and multiplication tables my husband and I decided for sanity's sake to just go to bed and not wake up til it was the Monday after Christmas and hope that the plows would have finally bothered to try clearing a path to the wide world.

So we all know what that makes today then.

A very merry unChristmas to you, to you
A very merry unChristmas to you, to you
We finally dug ourselves out
And only lost one shoe
A very merry unChristmas to you
A very merry unChristmas to us, to us
A very merry unChristmas to us
It's the best time to play games
With the rules we make no fuss
A very merry unChristmas to us
A very merry unChristmas to all, to all
A very merry unChristmas to all, to all
Lego Advent Says it's time
Lego Santa's having a ball
A very merry unChristmas
A very merry unChristmas
A very merry unChristmas to all

And I even got you all a Present. May I present the present in the present a cartoon courtesy of my husband always pronouncing one of them wrong.

Time to chase the White Rabbit. I just hope I don't run into Neo again, I really don't want to listen to a three hour monologue from Colonel Sanders again.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

A surprising Christmas Present

While I was camped out on the couch with the puppy spread over as much of my lap as possible I got a little bored Christmas Eve and took to surfing a bit and checking out my Etsy shop.

I was confused at first because one of my paintings suddenly had a good 30 more hits than it did yesterday and this seemed very absurd because who goes online shopping on Christmas eve?

I checked Analytics but aside from the higher number nothing seemed out of the ordinary (it certainly wasn't high enough to be on Regretsy that's for sure). Then I thought, hm, what if I look at craftcult, a helpful place for any Etsy shop owners to see some quick stats, who hearts you and if you've been featured anywhere.

Usually I tend to ignore that last part as my stuff hasn't been featured on Etsy ever but low and behold late Christmas Eve as the fire was embering in the Chimney I discovered this:My Winter Scene scape painting was featured in the Merry Christmas article put out by the Etsy Admins.

To tell the honest truth I was really floored because I didn't think my painting was anything all that wonderful, I've certainly made more interesting trees before.

But it was a lovely Christmas surprise to find that something of mine had been shown to the Etsy community at large for once, even if it was a time when almost no one is going to be online except for snow trapped people and their snuggly puppies.

I was also wondering if you all wouldn't mind doing me a tiny little favor. And all you have to do is click a link.

I managed to make a Treasury devoted to One of a Kind items found on Etsy with a winter theme and in order for it to get a bit more exposure it just needs some new clicks over there to visit and maybe a few clicks on things that are inside it for sale.

That'll give it more exposure so more people will see it and maybe one of the pretty things I featured will be purchased.There's another row of goodies but you'll have to click on over to see (not because I'm trying to be evil, I'm just very lazy).

Thanks so much to everyone who clicks and Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas, you're cabin bound

Merry Christmas Eve everyone or Happy Christmas for those across the pond (I have no idea why we dumped Happy in favor of Merry. Maybe Merry puts out more).

My husband and I were just getting ready to head up to my parents house, the first time I'd be back home for Christmas in four years and . . .
Like I said we'll just be getting ready to go . . .
I'll get the door and . . . Oh COME ON!
Yesterday the mother of all ice storms hit (okay so it wasn't that bad, we've had way worse hit here but I want to be all dramatic. It is the season for over reacting after all) covering everything in a fine layer of ice.

Which made for some gorgeous tree pictures.
But has left my husband, puppy and I stranded here for Christmas.
Luckily we snapped into action fast yesterday and before everything froze on the roads we made a mad dash to the grocery story and got a nice roast and some other Christmas Eve Dinner fixin's so we wouldn't have to survive off week old leftovers.

Sadly since we had been planning on not being here at all we thought it'd be easier to open our gifts up much earlier at home so now there will be no presents on Christmas (but we can play with them before at least. I think I'll stick my Transformer into my Easy Bake Oven and see what happens).

So to help us get more into the Christmas Mood (and for anyone else that's housebound thanks to Mother Nature) here are some pictures of Essie opening up her gifts. She wasn't so sure about it all at first.
"You want me to do WHAT with it?"

So we tried to get it started for her.
"You will give me whatever you have in your hand now. Feed the Puppy! Feed the Puppy!"
Eventually she started to figure it out on her own.

And got a little demanding about her Stocking.
Though once she got enough of the ducks head out she took to just carrying that around with the wrapping still on.
She by far got the best score with two new toys, two bones, a box of milk bones and a set of treats along with a new toy from my In-Laws. Though sadly she's already bored of them all and is back to annoying the hell out of us with her yellow ball.


Merry Christmas to anyone still out there in blog land.

I'll probably be around more than I have for a Christmas Season in a long time just so we don't all go crazy and try our own re-enactment of that Stephen King Classic about cabin fever: The Green Mile.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Oh no, my spleen!

As some of you know I am on this twittery thing and occasionally I start a little game here and there to help pass the time.

Your "Dumbest Horror Movie" or say your "Bad Car Names," that may capture the joy and imagination of some corner of the twitter universe (Dumbest Horror Movie got so popular in fact Diablo Cody even chimed in a few times).

Yesterday one of my twitter buds had her son at her job, bored out of his mind so he took to drawing her some awesome pictures which she shared on the Tritter thing.

I found one of them so hilarious I started my own hashtag game based off it called #ohnomyspleen.

It's pretty easy to play, just start a sentence and end it with #ohnomyspleen.

Friends, Romans, Country men lend me your #ohnomyspleen

It's Shake 'n' Bake and I #ohnomyspleen

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack frost nipping at your #ohnomyspleen
Or the one to start it all:
Just as I was going to sign the Magna Carta #ohnomyspleen

I wanted to share because she actually wrote a blog post about the good times had by all yesterday and also to prove that I don't just make up everything I claim here in my head (I'm not quite that crazy yet, we'll see after the holidays).

So go and check it out, especially if you want to see the drawing that started it all.

I'll just be on twitter trying to start another phenomenon. I'm trying to get #ninjapuppy to stick but so far no dice:

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The First Rule of Furby Club

I began reminiscing with my husband about those "Must have Toys" of the season from our childhood and we got to talking about how one best went about trying to kill off a Virtual Pet and just what was the deal with Furbies anyway.

Which then lead to the idea of what if Furbies had some extracurricular activities when they get sick and tired of making cooing noises and demanding love.

And from that was born this cartoon:

Better watch out, your furby just might go for the throat if you forget to feed it.

Monday, December 21, 2009

A little bit of news

I've been kinda keeping something under my hat for a while and after an e-mail this weekend I think it's finally safe to get my hopes up a bit and tell you all.

First, if you don't know what Regretsy is head over there and get a vague idea. It is a bit important for this story.

Did you check? Finding the weird and bad from Etsy, got it.

As you may have noticed in the upper left corner there's a little box promoting the Regretsy book due out April something or other (the immense focus on Christmas has blown out what date retention I had).

Back when it was first announced that the Regretsy purveyor got a book deal she asked for submissions and ideas from Etsy shop owners.

While it has been rather interesting to watch some of the vitriolic reactions from people on Etsy in regards to Regretsy a few things can't be ignored: one, it brings attention to shops that would otherwise be completely ignored in favor of the Etsy elite (some of it warranted because there are talented people who maybe did something strange or odd every once in a while, of which I've certainly been guilty) and two it actually puts the Etsy name out there for the public which Etsy has barely tried to do (instead they're saving its money to invest in more cowls in owls I suppose).

Okay so a blind bat with an inner ear infection can see where this is going but I decided to try and send in my shop as a suggestion for the book. I mostly highlighted my wedding dresses because, as I learned from the Wedding Bee fiasco, some people think they're creepy headless people out to suck out your brains while others think they're super cool.

I certainly wasn't expecting an e-mail right back saying that it was great and she really loved this for the book.

But the publishers still had to approve everything so for a month or so the idea sat in limbo and I kept going from was this still a good idea, free advertising with my strange thing in a book about strange things or a horrible idea because everyone will laugh at me and call me names and won't let me play their handcrafting games?

Then yesterday I get another e-mail sent to everyone who's going to be in the book to fill out a questionnaire to be included about why you got into crafting, does everyone have to like everything in the world, and are you as thin skinned as a peach.

So it really looks like it's finally gonna happen, my paintings are going to possibly maybe be in the book (I have a habit of keeping my hope tethered securely to the ground Gulliver style).

And you know, after doing some soul search and finding my shoes under the table, I'm actually really happy about it. I wouldn't have submitted them in the first place if I didn't love my paintings and think I put as much effort and love into them as I could. But at the same time I also realize that they're certainly not for everyone, then again nothing in the wedding industry is one size fits all. That's why we have awesome places like OffBeat Bride for those who think invisible people, fairy wings or giant snakes are cool (an anaconda wedding would be pretty awesome actually).

I'm just hoping that for every 49th "laugh at the bride with her head rolled off" there's one that thinks "hey that's actually pretty damn cool" and goes a looking for me and my paintings.

So I guess that means come April some of you may have world famous paintings in your possession. If you think it's kinda neat you could even show family and friends how you were cool long before that book came out.

P.S. I also asked to create a painting specifically for the book because I don't want any feelings to be hurt but haven't heard anything back yet. If I do get to make one what do you think would be the funniest setting/place to put a bride and her groom?

Friday, December 18, 2009

Dinosaurs and Kids go together like PB and J

There isn't much that captures a child's imagination like a 10 story lizard with some of the goofiest stuff on it one has ever seen (really Steggie, plates on your back in case a dinner party suddenly breaks out?)

I first fell for the dinosaurs waaay back when I was about five and the first Land Before Time came out (at this point we shall all pretend that they never tried to make 50 sequels and that we live in a world where it was just the original).

My favorite was Little Foot, of course, the big friendly brontosaurus. Then I grew up and learned that like Santa, the Easter Bunny and candy necklaces actually tasting good the brontosaurus is a myth and never actually existed.

Apparently paleontologists aren't as good at puzzles as we'd thought. Or one of them had a bit of a practical joke that sort of got out of hand. Like Nessie is a bath toy or New Coke being a good idea.

Back then it was pretty weird for a girl to be big into dinosaurs and most things were of course closely marketed as "For Boys Only." Not that it stopped me much.

For one of our "Dress up like what you want to be" days in grade school I put on an old lab coat, got a small brush and a piece of pumice (it was the closest I had to a fossil) and went as a paleontologist (yeah I even knew the difference between that and an archaeologist I was that far gone) to all the other girls teachers, vets, and high powered lawyers in miniskirts.

Alas, overtime my dinosaur love slowly waned as I found other things to keep me distracted (those shiny AOL discs they mailed you every other day in the 90's sure did the trick for a while. I can't be the only one to ever make an AOL mobile).

But now thanks to a PBS show dinosaurs are back and big into taking public transportation apparently.

So using my few painting skills I've been having a grand ol' time creating dinosaurs for the girls (or any little boys who still like wearing necklaces because Madison Avenue hasn't convinced them it's weird yet).

My first one was that T-Rex/Allosaurus/Tall upright tiny armed dinosaur I made for my one friend that I posted about with the two horses.

But then I wanted to try making one more girl oriented so I made a pink Pteranadon with a shiny purple/blue background. It's funny how it's pink but it doesn't scream DISNEY PRINCESS GIRL either.
"I just want to give you a hug! LOVE ME!"

My third and so far last dino pendant was made a bit more to spec. Favorite Dino the Triceratops, favorite color green.

So I give you a green triceratops on a dark green and blue background.
I'm noticing a pattern with my dinosaurs, they all look so damn cute. I go off pictures and realistic images but I definitely use quite a bit of artistic licence when it comes to the size of eyes (easiest way to make something cute, give them huge eyes) and use softer lines on the body.

Since both of these are already sold what was the point of this post?


Did you ever have any dreams to dig up old dinosaur bones and glue them back together in some misguided attempt to crush small children's dreams?

How about Land Before Time, anyone else remember those cool puppets they had at Pizza Hut at one point?

What is it about Dinosaurs that capture our imagination so?

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Erasers for the Foodie

Last night my husband and I made a rare trek away from our nice warm hearth (I'm guessing anymore the hearth is actually the water heater) to attend the Christmas shorts version of RiffTrax live (which if anyone is interested they're replaying tonight). Wonderfully great time all around, I liked that it was just the guys (and Weird Al) riffing and having fun and not a lot of filler in between.

Most normal people after a night out at the theatre would then, say, go and get a bite to eat or a drink or something. But not me and my husband, no we got something so much cooler.

After the show we headed across the street to a Shopko (kinda like a Wal-Mart without the yuck factor or a Target without the Hipster factor) because I needed more tape to send out some packages and while on a bit of a euphoric giggling high we found these:
They're actually little erasers but shaped like food. And they had tons of options: sushi, baked goods, ice cream, donuts and some non food ones like tools or tooth brushes.

My husband fell for the hamburger, fry, soda combo while I couldn't get over the mix and match meal in pots and pans.
But these aren't just erasers shaped like food perfect for the food lover who also draws a lot or the artist who likes to eat (you know, all starving artists). No, they're also little puzzles.
Mine is probably the easiest to mix and match but it still is a lot of fun to pull the burger apart and remake it your own way (take that Burger King!)
They're called Crazeraser and alas aside from the main website about the only place I seem to be able to find them in a store is at Shopko (which only exist in Nebraska and Wisconsin) or from the main distributors website. But it looks like if anyone is interested you can order some from them.

I bet they'd make a really neat gift for any sunday school/birthday/yay it's labor day gift for kids.

Or just an awesome gift for anyone who loves food and erasing small pencil lines.

And if anyone actually did attend the Rifftrax live Christmas Shorts extravaganza last night you may enjoy this little picture I hammered out this morning:
Merry Erasermas and Happy Non Conformist Day!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A different kind of Twilight

When I first caught whiff of this Twilight buzz last year I did have flashes of vampires and werewolves enter into my mind but they weren't the teenagers looking for love from the books I was thinking of.

And instead of being set in the Northwest my mind was hoping for a movie set much colder and much further away (a place Sarah Palin can see from her house, apparently). There is a noticeable lack of teen angst but tons of rich fantasy world building and a lovely graying where the good guys aren't always so good and the bad guys aren't always so bad.
It's called "Night Watch" which takes place in Russia and follows a low grade light magician as he polices and keeps track of the dark ones.

It begins with a rogue vampire attack but the fascinating thing is that in this world the vampires are low level dark ones. It's the dark magicians and witches who have much more power and use that to keep the blood suckers in check. But the light and dark ones have to walk a fine line. Due to a truce agreed to thousands of years ago the dark and light ones are held accountable and for every light magician that gets to heal people a dark one gets to curse.

In the world of the Night Watch the "others" as they're called get their power from something called the Twilight (or in the film the gloom) and can use it to vanish in and out of the world.

I love how it is a fantasy book that for once isn't set in America or England, it's a peek into some of the myths from Russia (a land we never get to learn much about thanks to the Cold War anyway) and a view of it post fall of Communism.

If you like the Twilight books for the rich world or the fascinating immortal characters and their powers but not so big into the teen angst or the stalkery romance I'd suggest picking up Night Watch. (But don't see the movie til you read the books. It makes so much more sense after reading the books).

And to go with the Vampire theme as of late I recently made a pendant for the blood drinking minded.

It's a Vampire's Smile nestled atop my copy of Dracula, the book that started it all.
Are you big into the vampire craze right now? Or are you more of a purist when it comes to your undead?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Snowdwarf Zombie Vulcan!

Snow doesn't normally come down with that just right recipe for a great snow day. Usually it's much too powdery and light to do nothing more than kick some up at the puppy and send her running around the yard like a kid that just found the pixie stick factory.

Usually you have to wait for just a little bit of thawing to get a nice amount of water into the snow before you can really do all those classic snow day things: snowball fights, snowman building and of course who can forget sludging where you slip and slide down the driveway on all the brown snow remnants left from the car.

After fighting off the blizzard and subzero temps for the week things were finally starting to brighten up this weekend when old man winter dared to skirt around freezing to turn the snow from white fluffy cotton into rock hard ice balls. (you should see Old Man Winter when he skirts around a Paso Doble, tre magnific)

So of course my husband and I must indulge our inner child for this first big snowfall and we set about making the first snowman of the season.

It was a bit of a challenge as the snow wasn't in a fully cooperating mood and Essie wasn't really sure what we were up to but she was more than happy to help in her mind by stepping on our snow balls and breaking them in half or biting a chunk out of them.

We were eventually able to make a little man, a snow dwarf if you will just missing his beard and no songs about gold. But growing up I never made just white ol boring snow man. We always gave them a bit of color and life right before the dogs decided to run right through them or knock their heads off.

May I present our Snow Dwarf Zombie!

I think the random green dots are probably bullet holes or something. So I guess the Snow Dwarf Zombie is also a Vulcan. Who knew.

At least Essie knew how to deal with the Zombie Vulcan.
After we'd packed it in and headed inside, she started to claw at the snow dwarfs bottom and making sure no one was looking she jumped on top of him and bit off his head.
My little girl's a zombie fighting action figure now. They grow up and fight off the undead so fast.

But I don't just have fun snowman or Essie playing in the snow pictures. Thanks to the light thaw and a little flurry the trees were looking exceptionally beautiful yesterday.

So here are a ton of pretty winter pictures which we can all look fondly back on in July.
So many trees had this lovely white coating all over their branches.
Not all trees had a black lab sniffing around in the corner though.
But I know you all came here for the pine trees, after all what's winter without pine trees.

What do you mean, Hawaii? You're not allowed to talk anymore.

The snow made the most interesting patterns on the branches, looking very jagged and painful.
And for some reason at the dog park there was a deck chair crashed against the tree but with the bit of grass poking through it almost looks like a chair laid out at a beach that just got covered over in snow.
How have your winter excursions been? Been able to enjoy any of natures glory or just stayed inside next to a nice warm fire (for those of you on the other side of the equator I hope my wintry pictures at least helped with the summer burn)?

Edited to add a Muppets Carol of the Bells. You got to see it, it's hilarious. Poor Beaker:

Friday, December 11, 2009

The great blizzard of '09

When one buys their first house they soon realize that they just agreed to doing things for the rest of their lives the old apartment complex took care of: mowing the lawn, raking the leaves and the clearing of snow from the driveway.

We knew that we'd have to scoop at least a few times this year. Nebraska has been known to get a good couple inches every now and again but never anything in the Himalaya range of snow fall.

But what came down earlier this week was something completely different. It started Tuesday morning and my poor husband trounced out to work with the snow piling up hard and fast burying most of the roads and all of the sidewalk only to have the university close down at noon.

While I held the puppy he scooped the snow out of the driveway (it was a trade off as I'd cleared it all the day before for the pre blizzard snow fall).

Essie wasn't so sure what to make of all this. A little bit of snow was no big deal but it was already over her ankles and heading higher.
Our poor snow people were lost in the clay of their own bones.
With everything cleared off we all headed inside to try and warm up and watched as the snow kept coming and coming in powdery soul crushing clumps.

Two hours later we were back out and you wouldn't have known that the driveway had already been scooped once before.

It got so bad the broom I'd used outside to brush off the deck almost vanished beneath the snow in those few hours.
The snow kept falling all through the night (and it was so much of a shock that the University closed down the next day as well which never ever happens) so against her better judgement Essie came to realize that she was just going to have to accept all this white stuff in her back yard.
There are still drifts that go up to her chest and we've lost two tennis balls and her all time super favorite yellow rubber ball out in the yard somewhere.

It was pretty cute actually, she'd run out in the yard to chase it but wouldn't pick up the ball because it was covered in this cold wet stuff. She'd just look back at me with a confused look and then puppy bounce back deeper into the snow.

And that was the great blizzard of '09. It's still subzero temps out so this snow isn't going anywhere for quite a while.

Thank God we are staying close to home for Christmas because I sure don't want to be driving far in this mess.

Has anyone else been caught in the great blizzard of '09?

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Every kiss begins with Gollum

It's that time of year when I tend to yell back at the radio or TV or run shrieking away from one babbling about how much I hate everyone all because DeBeers is doing its best to convince the men of the world that the only way a woman will ever talk to you again is if you buy her shiny rocks.

Christmas is a time of peace, good will to men and peddling as many sparkly journey pendants as you can to keep the Diamond industry in the super black.

With all the numerous commercials targeted at the lowest of demographics (Burger King ads, I'm looking at you) why is it that jewelry commercials piss me off the most?

Not only do they convince men that they're so stupid when it comes to relationships the only chance they have with a woman is to blow tons of money on a piece of carbon but that women only care about the size of the rock you just slipped on her finger and if it isn't up to snuff you're out on your ass come January.

It gets to me so much I turned to one of my outlets to express outrage, video editing.

Here is a little video (with help from Gollum) that represents how I feel every time I flip on the TV: (If that isn't working here's the link).

Are there any commercials that just get under your skin and send you screaming for the nearest remote or baring that a shot gun?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Essie, the mountain goat

On the weekends we like to take our little girl to the local doggie park so she can stretch her legs and run around like an idiot. (Running around like an idiot is like a Dog Past time, right up there with barking at the neighbors and eating out of garbage cans).

Her lab genes are kicking in big time as she spends half the time with her nose glued to the ground sucking in all the great smells and the other half running back and forth from my husband and I back out to whatever smelled so good.

Usually after she's calmed down and is ready to play we pull out a ball and throw it for her a few (thousand) times. Only on a recent trip she's discovered a large dirt pile in the middle of the park and as this video shows you she doesn't need us anymore to play:

While I was working on this post our little girl decided she needed to investigate the chair when I got up.

First she just put her paws on it, which I thought was adorable and wanted to take a picture. Of course once I turned the camera on she got down and gave me a "What do you want" look. So I coaxed her a bit to see if she'd get back up.

And instead of standing up she decided to get fully up into my desk chair.
I didn't know there was any mountain goat in her lineage.
As I keep telling her it's a good thing she's so damn cute so she can get away with all these crazy things she does.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Pendants, Pendants everywhere!

Websters dictionary defines the pendant maker as "overly concerned with minute details or formalisms, esp. in teaching."

Which may explain why I like making them so much. I can stress over all the little details and paint and repaint to get just the perfect shading on a 1 inch piece of wood as opposed to a 16X20 inch canvas.

(So sorry about the word joke. Someone must have slipped some alphabet soup into my coffee this morning. It won't happen again, I promise).

When not working on finishing up a huge wedding painting job, (which I'll share later) I've taken my mind off it by making little pendants.

There is the Menorah one I have for sale, probably mentioning it a bit late as Hanukkah starts at the end of this week but I can still show it off!I've listed a completely customizable tiara pendant for any little girls that want their name and a pretty princess tiara on a necklace. It can be any color combination and tiara style the buyers want.
Which then lead to my best friend having a neat idea as a present for some of her younger relatives.
It's a dinosaur and two horses! Okay so I only bothered to upload the one horse but my husband said it reminded him of Shadowfax so I thought it deserved the spotlight after having to cart Gandalf all across Middle Earth like that.
And this last pendant was born out of a twitter discussion where I asked what you'd like on a pendant to give to someone (in this case I was wondering if dinosaurs but with more girlish colors would work well but someone pitched something that I got a neat idea for).
My rocking Pink Guitar is available for sale here and turned out really cool. I love the juxtaposition of traditionally girly pink and hard black and white electric guitar.

If you were to send a pendant to someone whatever age for Christmas what would you be hoping to find on one?

Also if anyone has little kids or knows some little girls that are huge into Dinosaurs I'd still love to make a more girl friendly dinosaur. Or it could be the typical T-Rex with blue and green. I know I'd have loved that when I was younger (okay I'd still love it now).

It's hard to believe but I've almost hit the end of my 20 bag of wooden discs. I had no idea they'd be this popular but I love making them so bring it on!