Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Free Fallout 4 Valentines

Despite facing a bleak future in 2025 where every single movie must based upon a comic book, the prevailing thought is still that the nerd never gets the girl. (Also nerds are never ever girls. Girls are an amorphous bundle of body parts that do one cool thing, get called strong, then become a trophy for the real hero) Nerds don't do that romance stuff because gee whiz, their brains are too focused on all the excelsior mighty science nerd stuff. Bazinga. There's no other possible option. Nope. None. The media can't really think outside their templates, once they do they all get nosebleeds and might begin to question the point of their own existence.

So while they're off spouting more diamonds™ get 'em in piss yellow and poop brown! It's love! commercials, I've got ya covered.

Fallout 4 Valentines! Feel free to swipe, share, send, whatever it is the cool kids do. Or horde them all in your dragon lair. I've got one for every companion (which that was a god damn lot there, Bethesda) and one surprise valentine. Ready that scrolling finger, we're gonna be here awhile.


I'll Walk the earth beside you until the day I die.


I live to serve Valentine

Nick Valentine (It got a bit Inceptiony on my computer for awhile with this one)

You're one hell of a partner


Songs will be written about our sheer awesome awesomenisity


It may be trying to kill us but this valentine never lacks for excitement


You're about 80% as good as the chems


New Valentine who asks for a shag is getting a boot up their ass


There's another Valentine that needs your help


You're one hell of a valentine


So much walking, want to do more loving!


With skills like this you could be a valentine


[Dogmeat Found Something]

And last but not least...

[Oh shit, Deathclaw]

Go, share, and revel in the awkward flirt a couple times then call it a romance. Or, if slightly more complicated is your style I still have all my Dragon Age valentines from Origins, 2, and Inquisition.

Or there are the Mass Effect ones.

All the nerd love.

Friday, January 8, 2016

The Cake...dun dun dun!

It's that time again, the one day of the year when I show off to the world that no, I do not have the Martha Stewart, Pinterest approved decorating skills. Cakes and the art of making them pretty is something I have never and will never be able to accomplish. I should have my piping bag (which I never use) locked up (way ahead of you), and have the rank of lady stripped from my name because I cannot frost a cake.

But I still try for my husband because he's always celebrated with a banana cake for his birthday and I guess I love him and stuff. Shut up!

This being the internet and all, you can laugh at my failure along with me. This is the 2016 birthday cake.
I've never had a proper arch-nemesis before but this cake was pushing close to that title. I don't know what it was that I did to anger the baking gods, but I cursed a storm at the batter that splattered all over the place and the baked cakes that decided they rather enjoyed being in the pan and had no intention to leave.

But, after the liberal use of threats by butter knife, I finally scrapped both out and it was time for frosting.

Once again, the cake proved wilier than I anticipated. I think there's still chocolate frosting on the ceiling somewhere. After employing both spatula, spreader, and my fingers I managed to shellac the cake in a coating of chocolate cream cheese frosting. Next time I'm using a trowel and a caulk gun. It'd probably go better.

As for the decorations... We've been in a bit of a Fallout rut here lately, so I suppose this is my landscape/post apocalyptic cake.

There's a beautiful sea teaming with shark corpses:

The only bit of green laden in flattened turtle shells (good for the radioactive soil):

And in the deserts, there was a raider attack on the settlement of the gingerbread people. (Yes, that is food dye to mimic blood, I am that twisted)

Also, due to sprinkle incompetence, a shark is buried in the middle of the mountain range. Try to explain THAT science!

But, what's the fun of the cake without remembering ghosts of birthday cake past. Prepare your nostalgia goggles because here they come.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Year End Cap!

With the holidays finally winding down I've been keeping myself busy doing things that aren't writing related, which means it's way easier to show pictures.

First up is a surprise painting. I don't think I've done one in a year, and it's unlikely I'll do another for a year due to all that novel stuff. So please enjoy and maybe go and buy this Snowy, tree, moonlight whatever!

Speaking of writing (I never get far from it), I've got an idea for a noir story but with all my characters from Dwarves in Space. So of course, I had to whip something up visually because reasons that aren't just me avoiding writing. They're good reasons, I swear.

My husband finished the Grey Warden sweater he's been knitting me for a year and a half. The arms were a particular tricky part that ended in "look, just make them all one color!"

And, finally, it's become a tradition for us to get a gingerbread house kit after christmas for cheap and then attempt it. This year we embraced our inability to create anything resembling fancy and form the Fallout version.

This is gingerbread lane 200 years after the bombs hit:

So, what's up for next week? Building our own jet pack out of coffee tins and super glue? Can do!