Free Stories

Here are the collections of my tales of intrigue, heroism, mass stabbings, and gas exchanges that are free across the vast internet. So get to reading!


A short story published in Quantum Fairy Tales Summer 2014 issue.

Read it here for free


A very very short story about the insurmountable country merging sleep with the waking world.

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Steps in the Dark

A mother greets a visitor to her lair in this creepy tale.

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The Fairy Garden

Published on Enchanted Conversation: The Fairytale Magazine

As dawn crests upon a princesses garden, the flowers decide who amongst them is the most beautiful.

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Before Midnight - Short Story

Ella Cinder is a trained thief who's broken her agency's explicit orders to not attend the ball where she comes under the feigned thrall of her Prince Charming.

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Goodreads - Free Download

Red- Short Story

Little Red has been ordered by her mother assassin agency to rescue agent Grandmother from someone calling himself The Wolf.

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Goodreads - Free Download

The Sundermount Letters

A short story I wrote about the Dragon Age world that won a sword. So I can legally call myself a sword winning author.

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