Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Baby Doctor Who

Ever wanted to dress your little one up like a 900 year old man who steals blue boxes and runs a lot?

Of course you did, and now I can help.

Yesterday I introduced my RPG baby shirt templates and today I give you four more with a sci-fi flare.

Once again just follow all my instructions on how to go about adding them to adorable tiny baby shirts.

You can find the templates to download here, and they're big 'uns.

Does not come with sonic screwdriver or fez.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

RPG Baby!

Hello and welcome to another edition of "insanely nerdy crafts."

Today we shall be turning that adorable chubby cheeked babe into a hardcore LARPer and all you need is a four pack of baby shirts (~$10), some iron on transfers (you can find at most Office Max Depots), an iron and magic! (that would be my templates).

First step is to download my templates. There are four to choose from because there were four shirts in the pack. I'm nothing if not economical.

Print it onto your iron on transfer. I've already reversed the image for you but if you want to reverse it back knock yourself out. It's also best to set the printer to Matte and "best" and "please don't eat my fingers."
 Let that dry for a while. In the mean time pull out your adorable baby snap shirts. Due to easy baby access you have to do a bit of pre cutting, but it isn't too difficult. Even I managed.

Just line up the edges and cut along the top.
Now iron flat the baby shirt palette.
Carefully lining up the cut off section, add it to the top and never stopping rub the iron over it for a half a minute. It is very important to not stop or you get image melt.
Let that sit until it's cool and then peel off. Then do the other bigger side.

Now just resnap it all together and you have a little Cthulhu baby.
Or Mage
Or Warrior
Or Rogue.
You'll be the hit of the D&D baby shower.

Just go here for the templates and you can get to nerding up tiny tiny shirts or onesies.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Zombie Car Wash

Yesterday I rose a bit later than usual, humored the dog, checked my e-mail, got the grocery shopping done, and beat the crap out of myself.
My husband was not immune:

As you may have surmised from the grass/mud/blood stains (and the title) we spent the day standing in a 100 degree parking lot offering to wash down random people's cars for a little bit of that sweet sweet brains...I mean money for our Halloween club.

In total there were six of us running around in drippy halloween makeup near a power washer.

Despite being the undead we were complete and utter professionals when it came to washing someones car.

Unless kids were involved, then we would all moan, hide below and unexpectedly bang the windows with the sponge or just be typical zombie movie rejects.
I even got two brave kids to touch my leg wound.
There were lulls during the day. Early on, thanks to an unexpected rain and low wind the mosquitoes were thick as vampires and I came out with five insanely itchy welts the size of dimes. I'm still trying to ignore them.

All in total we washed somewhere around 7-8 cars when we weren't wandering lost by the side of the road.
Will Moan For Brains.

It was fun, exhausting, entertaining oh and exhausting. This is one sad and tired zombie.
Just another typical Sunday.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Commander Shepard Barbie

Hi Armchair commenters, I already did your job for you!

Things always come in threes, or so the old saw goes.

This is why you can only find bananas three to a bunch and quintuplets are actually triplets and a set of twins from the bizarro dimension.

And thus it is with my creative endeavors. First there was the Elder Lord Cthulhu. Then a zombie.

I figured it was finally time to create something to fight back, and who better than Commander Shepard the most dumped upon/exploded character in the Mass Effect universe.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Zombie Barbie

You thought I was done mutilating Barbies after Cthulhu didn't you?

Yeah, me too.

But here we are again, with something a bit cliched perhaps but also an excuse to use all my learned knowledge from the few years of being in a Halloween club.
So let's get started with the "How to Make your own Zombie Barbie and save."

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pretty Like Magneto

I'm not much of a makeup person that doesn't involve latex or an injury stack, except for nail polish. I suspect it's the color.

Swear to Cheese, I only got into painting because I loved the excuse to play with color. Overlaps, underlaps, mixing with a big spoon and running your hands over it; color is fun in anyway.

 So when I spotted some magnetized nail polish this weekend I knew I had to try it. It's science and color all together in one weird bottle.

It's fairly fool proof (I mean I managed to pull it off). First swipe on one layer and let that do its drying thing (which is where I usually fail miserably).

Then add another coat (maybe some adorable mittens too) and before that dries hold the top with a swirly magnet on top of your nail bed. The rather complicated set of instructions it came with said for 10 seconds but I found half of that is much better.

 You will cover the magnet in nail polish, this is perfectly normal and proof that you are a horrible person.

Here's a whole hand with the optical illusion. I spent a few hours flexing my fingers in the sun pretending I had one of those old holograms from the early 90's hanging out on my fingers.

Now I'm ready to help Magneto break out of prison.

I never used to paint my fingernails because it inevitably led to questions about the composition of my nail beds and if they were authentic enough and also because I can't keep my fingers out of shit long enough for them to dry.

Then I discovered the best set up ever; paint a hand, grab a hold of the PS3 controller, and shoot Darkspawn with Warp (or whatever). Before I know it my paint's set enough I can actually do things like itch my nose or go to the bathroom.

More nail salons really need to come with gaming stations.