Friday, January 16, 2015

Praise for The King's Blood

Yesterday, I had a reader facebook message me to tell me she loved my book but wished Ciara and Aldrin had stayed together forever with lots of exclamation points.

I...I do believe that is my first bit of fanmail.

How adorable is that? I want to print it out and frame it like that first dollar businesses get.

I also got a nice surprise from The Modest Verge. As part of their end of the year recap they included Ciara as one of their favorite heroines.

Go Cia! (Never call her Cia)

As for me, I'm starting work on getting Dwarves in Space into that murky publishing state. I am not excited about beginning the marketing stuff, but look: shiny new book cover!

Like the cleaning of a house, it never ends.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

I've broken the curse!

Normally, this time of year I'd post a picture and rundown of what has become one of my greatest failures at life: frosting a birthday cake.

But something happened this year, something I cannot explain even under threat of "How many lights are there?"

I made a decent looking cake.

Believe me, I'm more shocked than you. This has never happened when I've tried, when I haven't tried, when I've dropped the cake side first into frosting and smeared it with a fork (By the by, if you want a bloody looking cake, try to frost Red Velvet with a butterknife. Massacre cake!)

Here is my husband's birthday cake.
Why is it Dessert at Tiffany's Blue? Because I had a lot of blue food dye but not enough to take it to the next teeth staining level.

What's with the crystals speckled throughout like fly poop? Run with what you have, also crystal fly poop is gonna be huge!

And the spiderwebs...I dumped some black frosting into a bag, snipped the end, and had it dribble in a line. After that there was only one way to go: massive spider invasion.

Apparently I cannot use fancy piping tips, but give me a ziploc bag and I'll pipe out a decent spiderweb.

But I see no reason to ruin the tradition, here are the past birthday cakes that cause the birth gods to weep in shame.