Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Two Paintings & A Zombie

Just in time for that groundhog's day rush, I have a few new offerings in my little store.

The first is one of my rarer larger paintings. A 16X20 of a forest eclipsed by the stars, a few planets, some comets. The usual fare:
She's for sale for $60, and is currently covering up my Death who's been trying to break through the wall for a few years now.

My second painting is lovingly dubbed The Radish of Doom. I'm sure you can see why:

My final addition is something that probably looks a little familiar from last year when I went through a Barbie phase during the summer. One I sold, one I kept and the other has existed in a nebulous stage hoping for a home.

Finally for anyone that needs an undead Barbie doll, I can hook you up.
 And for being a hand altered Barbie doll she's the cheapest of the lot at only $30. I'd really like to get her a new home so she'll stop trying to carve the brains out of my Servo.

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