Friday, June 14, 2013

Into the Deep End

I'm crazy.

I know, I know, anyone already wandering aimlessly around this asylum's boards is already well aware of that face. I simply wished to use it as theme setting because I'm about to do something extra crazy with fudge AND caramel sauce.

Despite my third book floating untethered in that nebulous endless plain of not-quite-ready-for-publishing, sent-out-for-querying I've had some ideas and plans for a fourth tale. This one would be much less grander in scope (I'm hoping around 125K less grander words at least) and be a genre masher as it'd be fantasy character but in SPAAAAACCCCEEEeee...e.

November is usually my "crack open my brain, pour out what's inside month" but it's also incredibly full of post-Halloween/pre-Christmas stuff. So, I had a wacky idea to try CampNaNo this year. Which means 31 days of novel abandon in July.

I may or may not have also had this idea because a certain video game could have been coming out in November only to see the dreaded phrase "Fall 2014" flash on the screen. DAMN YOU BIOWARE!

But the point, in less than a month, I'll try sticking my head deep into the quivering jell-o mass of cracking that 50K challenge. I learned that it's apparently a proper past time to create covers for books before they are written. It seems a bit like putting the lasagna before the horse, but who am I to turn down a cover challenge with lots of photoshopping:
And if you only come here for my prop making, soon I shall be delving into trying to craft my own Portal Gun.

I assume there will be many tears, laughs, screams, and boiled potatoes. In fact, I already have GLaDOS all hooked up.
How are you doing, because I'm a potato?

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