Monday, July 15, 2013

Spider Wreath

Over the weekend I made this:
Well "made." I actually did little beyond adding paint and spiders, but I'd been wanting something wreath like to hang over the door for Halloween. Something I can easily put up to warn people starting in September; shit's about to get spooky.

And it is crazy easy to do if anyone else wants one.

Start with a stick wreath from your particular hobby store of choice.
Spray paint it black:
Now, take a brush, dip it in white paint, then water, and use that to highlight sections of branches. If you go too crazy, don't worry about it. You can either wash the paint off with water or paint over it with black and start again.

Once that's dry just take a trip back to your spider drawer, make a few selections, maybe grab a skeleton to wrap in webbing and hot glue everything together.
Ta da! So easy even I can do it.

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