Monday, August 12, 2013

Dribbley Candles

This weekend I decided it was close enough to fall I could break out the Halloween mantle and my little wizarding end table. It had a skull, a couple spiders, a dragon's claw, and a mummy hand, but something was missing.

Luckily, I had an excess of 2 inch PVC pipe, and piles of glue sticks.

Time to make my own dribbly wizard candle.
This is incredibly easy. 1 start with PVC pipe, at least 2 inches or wider to hold the tealight. Cut it to whatever height you want your candle to be.

Cut out a small foam section to place inside your candle and hot glue that inside to hold said tealight. Put it low enough that only part of the light is viewable to keep it looking more realistic.

Now lay out a section of wax paper and put your pipe on top.
Using one of the better and bigger hot glue guns, dribble streams of glue starting at the top and slowly piping lines as low as you want. You can even add pools of glue at the bottom.

Go back over the top a few more times to create layers of dripping wax.

Let that dry and harden, then go through the annoying task of picking off strings. This will make you question humanities place in the cosmos, that's normal.

Now spray paint your candle white.
If you wanted a pristine looking candle, you're done. Good for you. But if you want an older looking one, break out the brown acrylic paint, some yellow and your brushes.

Using water and layers, add brown to the edges then wipe it away with a paper towel. This will take some playing to get it down to the look you want, don't be afraid to screw up. You can always paint it over again.
Once your happy, just pop in a tea light and boom, instant wizard scenery.

Now you are no longer a slave to Big Wax. Don't forget the stuffed crocodile.

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