Friday, November 1, 2013

This is Halloween

Prepare yourself for a heavy picture load, for we enter the land of all hallows eve.

This year I decided, damn it, I am getting all my skeletons upright. Or at least the ones that don't weigh a good 30 pounds. Buckey, I am looking at you.

It wasn't all that difficult, just the liberal use of garden stakes and zip ties. The wind made things a challenge this year as it picked up from negligible to 13 mph just before we were ready to flip the switch.

The lamp post is new, courtesy of an after halloween sale at Target last year as is the jointed skeleton hanging out beside it. I call her joints.

One of my oldest skeletons named the Orlesian Lady was given a chair to sit in and a plastic ball to tell the future.
She really entertained the kids, some even coming up and asking to have their fortune told.
All of the old tombstones were back in their usual places.
 With my spooks to court above their heads.
And the graves full below. I was really proud of the fog this year. I had an idea to create a fog chiller by getting some long tubing, drilling a few holes, taping off one end and filling it with ice. It worked beautifully.
But the highlight of the night was the last skeleton, an impulse purchase as we walked into Walgreens looking for more electrical cords and saw he was only $25. We call him chains.

He was so damn photogenic.
 I kinda want to leave him up all year long.

And that's our graveyard for Halloween. If that isn't enough you can check out the video of everything in action.

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