Monday, December 2, 2013

Cyber monday

Once again the cyber warlords are upon us, and if we do not tithe at least 10% of our earnings to the God of Capitalism they shall trap us in a perpetual world forcing us to calculate pi all day.

So I might as well help out a bit with a few of my own curious offerings scattered about the internet.

Need some cards to tell your family that you're still alive? I got your back.

Cthulhu Santa Card

A new Skeleton Greeting Card courtesy of my Santa Skeleton
Want to don your tree in cat smashing apparel? We've got an ornament for that.

Tentacles on the tree! Out of a chimney, as they try to help out by decorating for you.
Want an ornament a bit less tentacley? Well, there's always a winter tree one. You didn't think I'd have something tree related?
Speaking of trees, I have a few lovely paintings left for sale on this fine gift exchanging holiday.

Sunset or Sunrise tree.
Poking through the branches
And finally for the nerdy crowd:

A Starry Starry Tardis print.
And for the vegetarian or zombie in your life, Vegetarian Zombie tshirt.
Now, get to shopping lest the cyborgs eat all our brains scraped across their toast!

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