Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Dragon Age: Inquisition Valentines

You knew they were coming. Like the washing of the tide, the rise of the sun, the Hurlock hiding behind the damn pillar so you can't put your staff away until he's dead, it was inevitable.

This year was a bit of a scramble with eight possible romances, but I got them all done, as well as a few extra valentines for the new companions. I did not make a new Varric one. Forgive me, but I doubt I can ever top the one from 2.

Anyway, enough chattering. On to the valentines:

Now with Corypheus! Someone (Hi goat lady!) asked me to make one for our stumbling villain and I obliged:

 Cassandra, the true romantic at heart. But she'll smash your nose in if you call her on it. 
Pretend you don't know this about me

Blackwall. Notice the rainier hearts behind the dark wall. I stole the idea from Cole.
My Lady

Dorian, adorable yet sad Dorian. I call him the honey ham of despair. He's sweet, tangy, and sad at the same time.
Care to Inquisit me again?

Sera. Nothing more need be said. Woof!
Cookies that say Woof

Iron Bull. I'm rather proud I kept the 50 Shades jokes to only the shade of satin sheets. Very proud!
I will bring myself sexual pleasure while thinking about this with great respect.

Josie. Notice the raven flying in the background. I'm not saying you'll wind up with stabbed kidneys if you dump her, but...
If you meant to draw a blush to my cheeks, you've completely succeeded.

Cullen. Cully-Wully. Oh just give him a hug already, the man needs it.
Did you just pinch my bottom?

Solas. This is the start of the bittersweet valentines. Love's not guaranteed to last, and sometimes there are more important world changing things.
What we had was real

Viv. Sorry, Madam de Fer pleasedon'thurtme! For that non-Valentine in your life that won't stop asking if you're ever going to.
Oh Darling, of course not

And Cole's got your back if you completely screwed up and need to try again. Use sparingly as there's a chance people will begin to remember you.
Wait, I got it wrong. Forget

But because picking a favorite romance is like choosing the best skill in a tree, below are all the other valentines from across Origins, Awakening, and the redheaded bar maiden DA2.

I could have made about thirty different Isabela ones if I had time.
Oh Anders, always such a romantic.
I spent way too much time trying to get the "tattoos" to look like they were glowing and of course you can barely tell.
I couldn't find any copper reliefs of marigolds so I made my own.
A Varric one simply isn't the same without Bianca.
And finally Sebastian's, I fear you can still tell how little I care for him. Shut up, Sebastian!
You can practically canvas a neighborhood with love and nerdiness with all the Valentine's I've made.

My favorite -

Happy Gather Dust By the Suit of Armor and that really weird pile of rusty tools no one's certain what they were for!

If you want any Mass Effect Valentines, I have a pile here.

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