Wednesday, September 26, 2012

All Hallows Read Posters 2012

The posters for 2013 are up and ready for anyone to download or print here.

And here are the posters for 2014.

Chills are creeping in.

Ghosts and goblins are creeping out.

It's once again time to get your spooky read on.

Last year I made posters of the classic universal monsters enjoying their favorite macabre tales of horror.

This year I went a bit more classic Halloween, lots of bats and spiders and, uh, mummies.

Once again click on them, save, print off, have your own ticker tape parade all for free.



4. I think this one is my favorite. Warning, spider!
And if you have any interest in last years they're all here, also available for download and what not.


dweiums said...

Will there be new posters for 2013?

Ellen Mint said...

Hopefully, once I get some ideas and time. I usually work on them in September.

Kwas said...

We do an AHR event at the Woodlands Cemetery in West Philly in mid-October. Any chance you might have a 2013 poster available sooner rather than later? We'd love to use it!

Kwas said...
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