Friday, September 23, 2011

All Hallows Read

What do you love most about Halloween?

Well yes, aside from the candy.

And the chance to dress up outside of your normal character.

Or to surround yourself in trapping reminiscent of the eternal dance against forces that threaten to shatter one from this mortal coil and remind us how very fragile that spark of life can be.

Okay so it's probably just the candy.

But I want to talk about ghost stories, or vampires, goblins, werewolves, creepy carnival barkers or clowns. Whatever tickles along your neck and puffs up the goosebumps until you're screaming at the sound of two amorous squirrels on the roof.

The Nerd Deity Neil Gaiman (all shall sacrifice a genie fish in his honor) started a tradition a few years ago where in the spirit of Halloween (that isn't gourd shaped) you share your favorite spooky stories with those small wide eyed scamps that say bypass the candy to touch your grave busters head or shout "That's so cool" at the undead demon with a sword stuck through its chest.

Oh you were expecting a recommendation from me? I say "Something Wicked This Way Comes." But it might be my unexplainable hatred and fear of turn of the century carnivals and that I check under the bed every couple of days for a Dust Witch.

But what I really wanted to share are these Library posters I whipped up. I had a crazy idea of what if the classic Universal Monster movies got to star in their own "Get Kids to Read" poster.
Friend good, Book Better.

Listen to the words of the night, what music they make.

Sit Spot, Sit.

This plot is full of holes!

 May I suggest myself with a nice lemon and garlic dipping sauce?

Girls never go for the "nice guy" unless he has a giant organ.

Happy Halloween.

EDITED TO ADD: Anyone is free to click on the images, download them and print them off all for the large sum of nothing.

If you want 2012's poster selection click here.  

And here are 2013's poster options. 

2014's posters.


Monica Marier said...

I love how the books start out as the classics and then turn into puns. My Fav is Wolfman with the SPOT book. I had that one.
"You don't understand!!"

Jennifer Morian Frye said...

These are great! I must admit, I chuckled out loud at the caption on the Phantom one. : )

Anonymous said...

If I can figure out how to do it and get permission from our school library, may I print some of these off?

Sharon said...

Brilliant - really love them all. I think the Phantom is my favourite. "big organ" *snerk*

ECL Mobile Library said...

These are fantastic, and much better than anything I'd be able to mash together with Clipart.

Going to put them up on our Mobile Libraries, especially the School service Bookbus aka "Spookbus".

cabinet of curiosities said...

GREAT "posters." I'm planning on going the storytelling route, by creating a collection of audio stories to enjoy.

E. Chicken said...

These are simply BRILLIANT!

Unknown said...

The posters are fabulous! Thanks so much.