Saturday, March 5, 2011

Bring Out Yer Dead

You may have noticed that it's been a tad quiet out here lately. Almost preternaturally Spaghetti Western battle quiet.

That's because I've been off on a mad dash to the Eastern Time zone and back to see just what in the heck is so great about living EST. Over the course of a week my husband and I drove about 34 hours from ol' Nebraska to Chicago where we stopped for a day to watch Spamalot then to Detroit for a super nerd show and a trip through the Detroit Institute of Arts (A very nice art museum if I do say so, they have swords) then back to Chicago where I started to feel kinda funny.

Turns out I had a little stowaway on the trip back replicating away madly in my spleen. Come Monday I wanted to rip my throat out and curl up in a warm bed and die. I had the deadly Michigan Militia Plague! Which meant I was about no help on the long trip back, unpacking or cleaning up the house that go its butt dirty while no one was here.

And of course now that I'm starting to get healthy and be not dead at all my husband is coming down with the nefarious germs. I did, in between blowing my nose and slugging my weight in juice, create two little drawing thingies for my novel:

Now I'm off to battle to the death for more cold medicine. Toodles.

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