Monday, February 21, 2011

Painting Winner/Finished Map

After compiling all the entries, messing with the random number generator for a while I turned to Mr. Twitter to provide a number and we have a winner.

It's Number 8!

Sorry, I meant Dawn. Yay! Hand claps for Dawn.

Normally this is where I'd ask for her to send me her address or give me a week to ship it as I'm going on vacation but since I'll be seeing her this weekend I think this painting can be hand delivered.

Thanks everyone for entering. Maybe I'll have another giveaway when I have new paint to test and canvas board to get rid of.

Also if you're at all curious, last night I finally finished my Map:

Probably the best part is that I got to burn things for the edge. I couldn't find any simulacrum of char that made me happy so I actually printed off a version, set that on fire, photographed that then layered it on top.

And just because it makes it look fancy, my map in a frame all professional like:

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