Monday, April 18, 2011

New New New Old

After a bit of goading (or is it goating? Why don't people give goats anymore. That's what lead to this fall of civilization, a lack of sharing small ruminants.) I re-opened the wacky and zany soap shop my husband and I started a year ago.

At first things were quiet, a few tumblewedes would blow through and finger the merchandise before asking I validate their parking then an order here. Then another. And suddenly I'm spending all my paintings days making coolers instead of actual canvas monstrosities.

Thus I am happy to announce that along with the original 18 different soaps from before I can also now make your own bathroom sized gallbladder.

This wasn't entirely born from a fevered dream of mine, a customer asked if we could whip one out in time for Mothers day. As I'm of the "sure, why the hell not" idiom a big of goating for my husband and here she is. Now visions of all kinds of different soap options are floating through my head: Pizza that smells like tomato, vivisection of torsos, coffins with small skeletons inside.

More proof that I am finally coming out of my creativity fog, I actually created a new painting as well. It's a smaller one, because I wasn't certain how well my attempt at painting lightning would go but I wanted to try anyway.
Turns out lightning is a lot like trees, but upside down and a bit more jagged. It's for sale as well, in that link up there if anyone's curious.

Finally, for those days when you stumble across a boiling point article but wish to retain your sanity:

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