Friday, July 15, 2011

I'm a hyperlink on Amazon!

As you may have perhaps noticed (or not taken any notice of on the "out of sight out of mind" world of the internet) I've been rather quiet as of late.

Some of it is due to a very distracting life sucking video game, (which has its first game DLC coming in under two weeks. *commence five hours of girlish squealing*) some to an inordinate amount of time devoted to the construction of grave markers (which I will explain later with lots of pretty pictures) and a lot to finally getting my toe dipped into the wide thorny world of self publishing.

For those that may not remember, or care to remember, or were just dropped on this planet with only the towel on their back I decided to try my hand at hammering out my first novel last year and after reviewing, editing, ignoring and then editing some more I came to the realization that I actually still rather enjoyed that crazy thing. So with some help from a few sources (Thanks for the read, Dawn!) I got the book into legible shape and slowly over a few months cobbled together a cover, inner workings, fancy page numbers and the like.

As yesterday was my birthday it seemed like the perfect time to finally rip off that festering band-aid and submit my book - Tin Hero: a grappling tale of boy meets monster, tries to kill monster, monster gets rather obstinate about the whole thing and then well you'll have to read the rest to find out.

And now it's up for sale in both eBook and actual existing in this dimension form on Amazon and the Amazon printing press.

It's a tale for anyone who likes to laugh at fantasy books, laugh at the foibles of humanity or just laugh in general. (If you do not like to laugh may I recommend The Big Book of Poisonous Spiders and How Many Are Under Your Bed Right Now).

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go search for my name about a billion more times on Amazon and watch it actually pull something up. EEK!

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Leslie said...

Well, you've got me impressed. All that comes from my work is a bunch of crap spread all over.