Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Oh how my garden grows

With silvery bells,

And cockel shells,

And pretty little bats all in a row.
This is my bat plant. I have no idea what its real scientific name is, but bat plant suits it quite nicely.

Supposedly it attracts humming birds, I assume to drain them of blood before moving on to the next victim in an ingenious plan to take over the world!

If that doesn't do it my squash should. Left the house for a day and suddenly all these popped up.
The plants have already broken the containment and are inching towards shed shrapnel. They also climbed up the back fence and then took down a fair sized maple sapling that sprung up in the mulch pile.

Funny, I never thought it'd be a squash plant that killed me. I guess that fortune cookie was right.

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