Monday, July 30, 2012

From The Workshop

Another week, another website borrowed my Barbie Shep pictures so guys could pat themselves on the back to tell themselves how they'd be so much fucking better than I am if they ever bothered to try.

 So to save them time I figured they could use this:

My favorite complaint was about my horrific hair cutting skills. Yes, I am aware. In fact I mentioned it. I have the skill of an armless Sweeney Todd that has to kill people with his feet. Hence why I have no plans on becoming a doll barber.

But no worries, they internet armchairing has done much to slow me down. Only real life and my mounting projects have. So here's what I've been up to, still have to work on...etc etc.

I have a Garrus head started and somewhat painted in the backroom.
 Still needs his signature blue face paint and I'm not happy with the scars yet. Can't have Garrus without the scars.

Oh and then all the armor. Yeah...

The other side of work is what is fast becoming a summer tradition: tombstone making.

Once again my Halloween club is tossing a Costume Dance to raise money for the local Humane Society which means we have to whip together tombstones to decorate and auction off.

My last tombstone has its base added and just needs another layer or 12 of paint. My second I just began to shape:
The plan is to attach this dragon to the top and then work in an epitaph and oh you'll see:
Oh and I have a new painting of a raven by moonglow:
So lots to do, lots to finish, and lots to start.......

Wait, reverse that.

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