Monday, December 3, 2012

Adipose on Tardis Sled

Hey! Hey! Hey! Didja look at the calendar? It's over. November is dead! Long live December!

I'm still a bit twitchy thesquarerootof906.01is, but I have over 95,000 words all on vaguely the same subject being orphaned at the moment.

The last two years I'd be limping to the end of my manuscript the final week in December but I already know I'm looking at another month before I finish this bad boy and then can properly ignore it. But because two months of intense writing will drive me hamster, I've taken a little creativity redirection break and over the weekend I created this guy.

He started simply enough, with me carving out chunks of clay and baking it, then repeating the same until I got a sled. How I form the adipose is a secret that I shall take to my grave *cough*lizardpeople.
Turning the sled into the Tardis was the harder part. It involved lots of teeny tiny painting and then waiting, then more painting, some cursing, a bit of drinking and then painting.
So this little guy is up for sale in my store for $30. Not bad for 4-5 hours of work.

And I only got some super glue on my fingers. That's a major triumph all on its own.

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