Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Splicer Mask

Moving on from heart stuff, I did accomplish something aside from bleeding all over the floor this past holiday weekend, I made a splicer mask:

Before you scroll down, you might want to steel yourself if you played Bioshock.

And for those who have no idea what I'm talking about:
That's a spider slicer.

Done screaming? Want to make it yourself? It's actually rather easy.

While wandering the early halls of Halloween stores, my husband found a black bunny mask intended for women trying to be sexy in the piles of holey panty hose. We both looked at each other as a chill jumped up our spines.

Cohen? Cohen.
Of course their masks were white so out comes the spray paint. I actually used the fact it was black underneath to my advantage by not spraying the sides as thick to give a shadow illusion. It also helped to age it a bit.
After that it was the but numbing decorating with some gold paint, a brush, and a lot of time. For the gold filling I'd water the brush to get a thinner layer than the "pipping" lines.
The blood's always the most fun. I get three colors, a red, a crimson, and black. Dip a fairly fat brush in water, then the reds and a dab of the black and flop it onto the mask, flick your finger for splattering and just have fun. Your finger will look like a horrific accident when that's done.
Do a few rounds, adding some full paint of the reds or dabs of the black to the middle of extra large pools of blood and when you're done you can add some glaze to make the blood look fresh and shiny.
And that's how I made the extra creepy splicer bunny mask. The rest of the costume is up to my husband.

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