Monday, October 6, 2014

And They Lived

 I have a new short story anthology out.
And They Lived isn't just a twist on some classic fairy tales. It gives power back to the powerless in the classic stories. Women are no longer the victims and their story doesn't end with true love's kiss. For only 99 cents, you get nine short stories about women fighting for survival in a world that doesn't care about them.

Red is no longer a little girl being preyed upon by the wolf, but an assassin sent on a complicated job to rescue her grandmother. Except the job's not what it appears to be.

Before Midnight - Ella Cinder (an arson turned thief) defies her agency's orders and attends the ball to seduce her mark, a man who only calls himself Prince Charming.

The Tower - Sometimes things are put in an impenetrable tower hidden deep in a forest for a reason.
Hollow - A female warlord travels to the end of the world to cement her power, but finds she's been sacrificing herself instead.

Darkness Shall Not Be Breached is a small story to remind people it's not nice to go traipsing uninvited into anyone's garden, no matter how many legs they may have.

Destiny gives the only logical answer a King can have when prophesied his first born will kill him.

Insomnia and Fifth Horseman are two pieces of microfiction poking at the dark side of humanity.

I'm giving away five free copies of the eBook. You can enter below:

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