Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Cheap Book Covers!

As you may know, on occasion I use my photoshop skills to make book covers for other people who do exist and aren't imaginary. I recently made one for my friend and her first book:

She asked me this weekend if I could make some bookmarks to help her advertise and celebrate her book. This is what I made based upon her characters. The fourth is the back of them.
Now, to the cheap book covers. I've been making Ready to Claim book covers for the site SelfPubBookCovers. These are the ones I currently have up for sale. As you can see, they cost someone $70 to buy and then use one of their shitty font options to add your book title and name.

Well, for idiotic reasons, they've recently turned down two of my book covers, and I'm passing the savings on to you.

For just $35, 50% off, you can have either one of these covers for your very own. It's the idiotic decision sale! I'll fancy up the text, pick snazzy fonts, and alter it however you need. It's a far better deal than what you'd get from "buy jpg, slap text over it."

This one was turned down because the text was too busy, or something. It made no sense. Want the Shattered Forest for your very own? (Note, I can also change the forest to something else if you just want the broken window part)
Title/Author Name

This cover was rejected because it didn't "read" as a dagger. No, I have no idea what the hell that means either. But here is is, super cheap for just $35 and it can be yours!

Title/Author Name
Super cheap book covers for anyone who wants 'em!

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