Monday, March 23, 2015

Free Book Promo Sites!

One of the big pieces of advice for book marketing is to regularly have deep discounts or give your book away for free.

Amazon makes that pretty easy (provided you jump through their monopoly hoops) with their Kindle Countdowns and Selects, but how many people will take you up on your deals? How can you get it out there that this book is super free for a day?

Like everything in the book world, you can pay people to advertise you're giving something away for free. There is a huge list of sites here, many of which charge anywhere from $10 - $100s.

Because I'm still trying to keep as cost effective as possible, I went through that never ending list and found sites that are totally free to submit to. It doesn't mean all will be accepted, but you don't have to pay anything up front to list it.

Free Books - Only works for books that are totally free:

Discounted Books - Usually from $1.99 - $0.99 are accepted

Most take free as well
I haven't trolled the massive list of facebook groups yet because my book just went free today. If you want some twisted fairy tales for free, you can download And They Lived right now.

This is my trial run before I jump fully into Dwarves in Space promos, though there will be one coming up for The King's Blood in a month.

It takes awhile to fill out every single promo site (I spend a long Sunday afternoon wishing I was doing anything else) and you'll have to sign up for every stupid newsletter out there, but hopefully it'll help spread the word about free books a bit better than just a single twitter link.

Go forth and promo that book until you're sick of looking at it!

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