Friday, January 1, 2016

Year End Cap!

With the holidays finally winding down I've been keeping myself busy doing things that aren't writing related, which means it's way easier to show pictures.

First up is a surprise painting. I don't think I've done one in a year, and it's unlikely I'll do another for a year due to all that novel stuff. So please enjoy and maybe go and buy this Snowy, tree, moonlight whatever!

Speaking of writing (I never get far from it), I've got an idea for a noir story but with all my characters from Dwarves in Space. So of course, I had to whip something up visually because reasons that aren't just me avoiding writing. They're good reasons, I swear.

My husband finished the Grey Warden sweater he's been knitting me for a year and a half. The arms were a particular tricky part that ended in "look, just make them all one color!"

And, finally, it's become a tradition for us to get a gingerbread house kit after christmas for cheap and then attempt it. This year we embraced our inability to create anything resembling fancy and form the Fallout version.

This is gingerbread lane 200 years after the bombs hit:

So, what's up for next week? Building our own jet pack out of coffee tins and super glue? Can do!

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