Friday, March 25, 2016

Dwarves in Space 2

The prophesied time has come. I'm pleased to announce pre-orders are open for Dwarves in Space 2: Family Matters.
Family, it’s a kick in the teeth on every planet.

Five years have passed since Variel changed her name, her face, and her credit rating in order to leave the Knights. After kicking Sovann, the knight who came after her ship, out the airlock, she thought she was free of her past.  Unfortunately, she forgot to take care of that pesky husband problem. Thanks to legal finagling, he’s tracked her down and has her ship and crew on lockdown unless she plays ball, but all Variel wants to do is knock his teeth up into his brain.

The Elation-Cru are on a mad dash across the galaxy to secure enough unicorn (the drug, not the horse - though consuming it will cause you to grow a horn and excrete rainbows) to pay off her husband and unlock the ship before it explodes. Drug dealing was the last thing Variel wanted to get pulled into, but Marek always brought the worst out in her. If he keeps pushing it, he’s going to see why she was a feared Knight of the Crest Empire.

All the characters are back; Ferra the elven engineer, Orn the sarcastic dwarven pilot, Monde the orc doctor, Brena the loopy bard, Taliesin the not-brooding assassin, and WEST. Can’t go anywhere without WEST, their not-quite-sane artificial intelligence, it would set the toaster on fire in protest.

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