Monday, October 25, 2010

Guest Comic

I've made some amazing connections on the ol' tube system better known as the 'net. People who encourage my insanity in some form or fashion leading to some rather strange things percolating in my brain and gathering dust in the back room.

I imagine someone with more focus and a better business acumen would use them to gain some kind of leverage and finally take over Latveria, but ooh look something shiny.

It was just another plutonium rod, anyway what were we discussing? Oh right, the drawing thing.

A couple weeks back I was asked if I'd like to do a guest panel for a comic I raved about on here a few months ago called Skeleton Crew. At first I thought, awesome! Then, oh crap I don't have any time. Awesome got in there again followed by "but I have all this Halloween stuff to do." Before an idea of a "story" wormed its way into my ear.

Here is the first panel of my Guest Comic which you'll have to click over to read all of:
Now it's encouraged all kinda of crazy ideas that shall have to remain secured on the back burner with the tea kettle til Halloween is over and packed up.

Oh yes, you may want to tune back in around November 1st. We've gone insane this year.

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