Monday, October 18, 2010

Zoobily Zoo

Well will you look at that. It's my anniversary again. Amazing how that seems to keep happening every year. I should get together a committee and see what's up with that, it can't possibly be right.

If you are a new friend/follower/fish first let me say I'm amazed that you can click a mouse with just fins and secondly if you are at all curious about a run down of our Hallowedding here's a post from last year that sums it up pretty well. My tail is still sitting on the floor.

As for now I am looking forward, okay it's actually backwards a bit now, to Friday when my husband and I locked Essie up in the pen and headed an hour towards Iowa to the Omaha Zoo.

We must have picked "cheaper for school children day" because for being a Friday in the midst of October the place was hopping. But despite the loud echoes of excited sticky fingers and frazzled parents/chaperons I still got lots of pictures and video clips to share.

Here is my zoo trip album with an easily identifiable theme running through it.

The Second Anniversary is the fur and bone one right? What? Oh crap, I'm using the old Caveman guide aren't I?

Okay how about new video cards? That's robots.

A shiny gold coin? Pirates.

A caked over cauldron? Oh, witches.

A lb of bacon? Hm, apparently this is the Butchers guide to anniversaries but I think I'll stick with this one for now. Bacon always beats out a clock.

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