Friday, October 29, 2010

House on Haunted Hill

Happy Almost Halloween everyone!

You'd think with it being just around the corner and all we'd be scrambling like a chicken in a poker tournament (I have no idea what that means). But much like our wedding we've got just about everything under control and have to wait til the big day is almost here to go into craze mode.

So instead we've been chilling like a pine cone in an ice cream factory (what the?) and what better way than with some House on Haunted Hill Rifftrax style.

You all know what that means - shiny new pictures based around the shorts.

Their first short revolved around a witch who must have drawn the short straw that year and had to put on a rather embarrassing play about how to make your own sugared cereal and save. You knew she was really there to dick with people when she suggested reconstituing powdered milk and drinking that.

I've done that before, trust me, it's got to be against the Geneva convention.

I give you, the grocery witch:
The second involved a young boy who due to eating too consuming too much powdered milk has a complete psychotic episode and believes a paper bag is talking to him and takes him repeatedly to a forest in the south so it can talk about how much fun it is being chopped down and having its skin removed. (Like I said, never consume powdered milk).

This is probably the scariest thing I've drawn in quite a while:
And of course I put it on a T-shirt cause why not?
Rifftrax Live is more fun than a barrel full of eels.

All right, that does it! This Simile book is just a series of random nouns strung together. Who wrote this thing anyway?


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