Monday, December 13, 2010

Canvas Gigantis v1.0

Or Why You Should Read Your Commission E-mails Twice!

A few weeks ago (around Thanksgiving) I get a convo (that's Etsy speak for e-mail, I have no idea why I didn't just say e-mail. It would have cut down on my typing. Oh well, too late now) asking me if I can remake one of my trees a bit bigger.

I respond back, sure, no problem. How big do you want?

Oh just 2' X 4'.

Come again. You want it HOW BIG?

Thus came into my life Cavnas Gigantis as it became affectionately known. The problem with trying to work on something the size of a small child became rather evident after the canvas arrived on my doorstep.

There was no way it'd fit on my small card table I use for everything else so for the next week I banished myself down into the basement bathroom where it wouldn't be so bad if I get a little bit of paint on the walls or floor and got to work.

For about 4 days every morning I'd spend 1-2 hours locked in that green forest working away on this giant piece of canvas to get a forest out. It was a bit interesting but a fun challenge as I got to play with larger brushes and make a tree that actually looked almost life size (for a sapling).

Excited I sent off a picture of the final product to the commissioner (who is not named Gordon I am sad to say):
I'm smiling to myself happy to have gotten something to large done when I get a convo back "I love it, but is it the picture that makes it look like that."

Uh-oh. My heart sinks as I say No, it looks like that because it's 4' tall.

I'm guessing you all know where this is going. Yep, I done screwed up. She wanted it 2' Tall and 4' long which means a new canvas for me and a painting on super sale for you.

I listed my Canvas Gigantis up for sale here at about $50 less than I was asking for because well now I have this giant thing taking up space in my house (it's actually covering two other paintings in the hallway because it won't fit anywhere else).

It still kills me just how big this thing is, it barely fit in the backseat of the car. Now I know my limits until I get myself a painting truck.

Just to show here's Essie standing next to Canvas Gigantis:

And now that the weather has turned exceptionally cold in preparation of destroying Christmas I am back down in the basement hammering away at Canvas Gigantis v2.0

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Cathy Webster (Olliffe) said...

Hahahahahaha! Sorry, this is just too funny! Good luck with the new canvas!!!