Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Santa Paws

In an attempt to outsmart fate who has decided to ruin every single holiday since last christmas when we were stranded for 5 days with two feet of snow on baby Jesus birthday-eve this year my husband and I decided to head to my parents a week early and get it all done and over with.

Because of that it feels to us as though Christmas is done and over with and all ready to be packed away for the next year (it certainly didn't help that when we were out shopping last night we honest to god saw Valentine's Day candy out!). I think I forgot to reset my time traveling calendar and it jumped a week ahead again.

This year for some reason my parents got/had to play as Santa and Mrs Claus (who we really should come up with a first name for, hell all the damn reindeer get a name but not his wife?) for Sears. Which meant we had an in for Essie to pose with Santa.

At first she wasn't so sure of that idea:
Then she got on Santa's lap and told him all the things she wanted for Christmas:
And gave him a kiss before leaving:
Oh and she got to play really hard with her brothers for a few days:
And once we got her back home she got to play with her new toy, the potato (which lasted all of 5 minutes)
Merry Christmas, or belated Merry Christmas or early Merry Christmas, eh screw this.
Seasons Greetings!

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Krista said...

Oh, Essie is so cute - and her picture with Santa's adorable!

I agree, Mrs. Claus need a first name. Though, technically, "Santa" just means "Saint" and "Claus" is Nicholas ... just sayin' :)