Monday, January 31, 2011

Puppy Apocalypse!

This weekend we had a few visitors, by visitors I meant some of Essie's brood and by a few I meant four.

That's right, five dogs in one house that frankly hadn't been puppy proofed in about a year and a half when we realized that Es is quite possibly the strangest dog I have ever known.

It started late friday night as all the dogs swooped in and proceeded to claim their own section of the house the only way dogs can (and our little turd kept bounding from one to the other demanding they play with her):
After a bit the older dog, Caesar, found the toy box filled with bones Es had long forgotten about and proceeded to chew apart every single one.

The rest settled down finding some bone scraps while my dog, who I swear has aspergers, bounced from one brother to the next barking at them and completely missing any signs of "Leave me the hell alone, I have eating to do."

Somehow we all got to sleep scattered across the house - but of course Es who is controlled by her stomach woke up early with dreams of food and play time dancing in her brain only to find all the puppies locked away in the back room and Caesar crashed on the couch in no mood.

Once everyone was up we had a very strict pattern of the parents stay inside and the puppies go out to wander around, chew on each other and stand at the door looking like the Three Stooges:
Gave all the dogs a treat, it's like a wonderland tea party watching them all up and change to another bone:

At one point I tried using my sonic screwdriver to try and get all the dogs to take a nap but it was a no go. Apparently it looks rather tasty though
Sibling rivalry!
After lunch was eaten, fought over, eaten again and then they all begged for some pizza off us the dogs puppies and other walking fur babies all settled down for a nice little nap before my parents came to take them all back home.

There are still muddy paw prints all over the carpet and a giant pile of old bones in front of the fireplace (I swear officer I can explain) but there doesn't seem to be any major damage.


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