Monday, January 10, 2011


Whatever weather that skipped past us this Christmas has finally decided to visit us.

And when the white stuff piles across the ground and eves there's only one thing I want to do: take gobs of pictures.

This big Snowpocalypse I decided to pull some various props out and have a little photoshoot. First up: my Tom Servo in a little santa hat that Essie extricated from her toy hedgehog.

It was a fun challenge as Essie was pretty certain she was supposed to be eating that hat and kept trying to nose poor Servo's head off.

Bundling Servo up so he could thaw and dry off inside I then called out my Odin - the Norse god seemed at home in the snow:

 I used this as an excuse to play with photoshop some more, giving the god a diffused glow and aging the photo with a filter.

Why not try a bit of blue for Odin:
And a final Odin - using a top picture to make him look like a sad lonely man.
Moving on I had a wacky idea to pull one of our halloween props out for some juxtaposition of the white purity of snow against the ragged blackened death of a skull. My husband thought I was nuts.
Moving on from skulls and Odins to the Planet Express Ship that crash landed on Hoth (and also shows off the large flakes)
And to complete the snow photoshoot my friend the Gargoyle:
Finally, because it isn't a snow storm without my wacky lab puppy who adores the white stuff a quick movie of Essie hopping along like a crazed jack rabbit.

Happy Snow Day everyone!

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April D said...

Essie just TOTALLY made my day!! She is so exuberant and joyful and just full of energy. Like a coiled spring of "BOUNCE!! Bounce! OMG I FOUND A BALL!! Wheee!" ^.^

I really like the top-down picture of the "old man".

Have fun in the snow!