Monday, January 3, 2011

Tree of Life

It's January which means everyone is working hard to fix themselves normally in some way that requires lots of really expensive products and unguents.

I, however; am not one much for resolutions. Mostly because I never know what I'm about to get into. I never thought I'd actually write a novel manuscript or create some Rifftrax shorts (the 5,000 or so hours of ball playing with the puppy I did see coming through). So about the only way I know to celebrate is by sharing some new paintings.

This first one I liked so much I've listed for sale as a print.
This tree grows from a rocky outcropping in front of a waterfall, but it is so much more. The branches start out dark and black and slowly blend to the blues of the sky and then to the greens of the land beneath. It grants a spark of life to all it touches as green grass and flowers begin to bloom upon the rock.

I've also got the original painting for sale here.

And I actually spent the New Year weekend working on this large 16X20 painting that's already been sold but well sometimes people like to picture rubberneck. Here is the 2010 meet 2011 painting:
Happy New Year

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Nussey Magazine said...

The tree of life is mine! Bwahahaha. Uh, that is, in the sense that I just bought it. ;) Great job!