Friday, February 4, 2011

Cthulhu Valentine Spam

As part of my strange string of making valentines for nerds/geeks (IE my horde of Dragon Age ones) I asked for suggestions and my friend Monica threw out the idea for a Lovecraftian one.

An idea hatched in my brain and out of it strode this:
Pretty simple idea, terrifying tentacled god wishing you to be his or face the some not very nice wrath. I, like most of my wacky ideas put it on my Deviant Art page expecting it to wallow in obscurity again like all of my wacky ideas.

For the most part I was right until I woke up this morning to find a comment left on my Cthulhu Valentine:

"You might dig this

Oh goodie, early morning viruses. But wait, I hover my cursor over and see that it's none other than an Etsy link. Okay, Cthulhu getting mad now.

I click it and lo and behold the thing in a fairly sparse shop has already sold. And oh look so did another one two days before. Which means this person decided to search for anything Cthulhu on either all of Deviant Art (or possible google) and leave a link to their little plush toy all over the damn place.


People plead ignorance when it comes to self promotion, yes you can share things you make sparsely and surrounded with something helpful or in a fan opt in community. Do not go around posting links to your stupid little store wherever you see a vague mention of something that you think applies. You might get a few sales but numerous other people will hate you and tell others.


This is also why Etsy links have been banned all across the internet leading shop owners to try and find creative ways around it.

But if you really want your own cuddly Cthulhu I have a much better recommendation over the fleece spam I got.

Cthulhu Chick has crocheted adorable monsters in whatever color you can think of:

If I wasn't certain that anything plush coming into this house would die a quick death at Essies paw I'd get this little guy:

Spam - bad/ Crocheted Cthulhu - good.

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Anastasia said...

You are so right!! I agree that this is most irritating. And that the crocheted cthulhu is most adorable. I may need to acquire one!