Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Post 1,000!

As you may have noticed I seem to be on a blogging streak as I post together the story currently falling from my fingers but I wanted to pause for a moment because this is my 1,000th post!

Drop the balloons!

Do de do . . . *looks at watch*

Okay so we didn't get any balloons, well what about party favors. You have to have some party favors. I wanna run around screaming You get a boat, you get a boat, everybody is getting a boat.

So what do we have? *whispers off stage* Oh you have got to be kidding:

To celebrate my 1,000th post I present from 1935 golden hollywood La Fiesta de Santa Barbara.

It's a fiesta which comes from the mexican word fiesta with means fiesta.

Last night while I was whittling away on my keyboard and my husband was probably killing ROUS's on his he flipped to Turner Classic Movies which in the background played an old 30's movie about Henry VIII - which was far more historically accurate than the Tudors (this Herny actually got fat and old before dying).

As the show was winding down (and the host who always reminds me of a slightly more cryptic Mr. Rogers went on about the next movie - it was Henry VIII night I guess) I turned off my word processor and curled up on the couch only to have the most insane thing I have ever seen at the 9:38 hour start up.

From the era when studios owned all of their actors souls and would occasionally dress them up and parade them around like school children - La Fiesta De Santa Barbara follows such greats as Judy Garland, Gary Cooper, Buster Keton and Harpo Marx as they play along with deadness in their eyes to the insane nonplot of a fiesta (which they explain in excruciating detail over and over). At one point to make sure and remind any Mexicans who won the war a bunch of cowboys show up and then because that wasn't confusing enough there's some strange subplot about a plains native american and of course oh look a papoose joke.

Realizing they wandered too far off the mark they turn back to the fiesta by bringing in Bull fighters. Cual? Oh I'm sorry bull throwers. This boils down to two comedians phoning it in by standing around next to a guy in a cow costume who talks like Mickey Mouse.

El Guapo shows up, shoots a few people but it's okay because he's actually Italian. In fact just about all the "mexicans" are Italian including someone dressed up like The Godfather.

As everything in the golden era it all ends with a song and dance number complete with a trashed Ballerina getting on top of the table dancing to La Cucaracha en pointe. It's a giant bowl of wackiness, nonplot and good old racisim that only the 30's can provide.

And now I share it with you.

Happy 1,000!