Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pretty Like Magneto

I'm not much of a makeup person that doesn't involve latex or an injury stack, except for nail polish. I suspect it's the color.

Swear to Cheese, I only got into painting because I loved the excuse to play with color. Overlaps, underlaps, mixing with a big spoon and running your hands over it; color is fun in anyway.

 So when I spotted some magnetized nail polish this weekend I knew I had to try it. It's science and color all together in one weird bottle.

It's fairly fool proof (I mean I managed to pull it off). First swipe on one layer and let that do its drying thing (which is where I usually fail miserably).

Then add another coat (maybe some adorable mittens too) and before that dries hold the top with a swirly magnet on top of your nail bed. The rather complicated set of instructions it came with said for 10 seconds but I found half of that is much better.

 You will cover the magnet in nail polish, this is perfectly normal and proof that you are a horrible person.

Here's a whole hand with the optical illusion. I spent a few hours flexing my fingers in the sun pretending I had one of those old holograms from the early 90's hanging out on my fingers.

Now I'm ready to help Magneto break out of prison.

I never used to paint my fingernails because it inevitably led to questions about the composition of my nail beds and if they were authentic enough and also because I can't keep my fingers out of shit long enough for them to dry.

Then I discovered the best set up ever; paint a hand, grab a hold of the PS3 controller, and shoot Darkspawn with Warp (or whatever). Before I know it my paint's set enough I can actually do things like itch my nose or go to the bathroom.

More nail salons really need to come with gaming stations.

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