Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Baby Doctor Who

Ever wanted to dress your little one up like a 900 year old man who steals blue boxes and runs a lot?

Of course you did, and now I can help.

Yesterday I introduced my RPG baby shirt templates and today I give you four more with a sci-fi flare.

Once again just follow all my instructions on how to go about adding them to adorable tiny baby shirts.

You can find the templates to download here, and they're big 'uns.

Does not come with sonic screwdriver or fez.


Diana said...

Those are the greatest things I've ever seen! I'd admit if I had a child I would so be dressing them up as the Doctor.

AshLewis said...

Cannot find the download! Keeps sending me to a site about marriage!

Scarlet413 said...

I don't suppose you have templates for the rest of the Doctors? I would love to take a picture of my son every month for the first year as a different doctor! :)