Monday, June 25, 2012

Zombie Car Wash

Yesterday I rose a bit later than usual, humored the dog, checked my e-mail, got the grocery shopping done, and beat the crap out of myself.
My husband was not immune:

As you may have surmised from the grass/mud/blood stains (and the title) we spent the day standing in a 100 degree parking lot offering to wash down random people's cars for a little bit of that sweet sweet brains...I mean money for our Halloween club.

In total there were six of us running around in drippy halloween makeup near a power washer.

Despite being the undead we were complete and utter professionals when it came to washing someones car.

Unless kids were involved, then we would all moan, hide below and unexpectedly bang the windows with the sponge or just be typical zombie movie rejects.
I even got two brave kids to touch my leg wound.
There were lulls during the day. Early on, thanks to an unexpected rain and low wind the mosquitoes were thick as vampires and I came out with five insanely itchy welts the size of dimes. I'm still trying to ignore them.

All in total we washed somewhere around 7-8 cars when we weren't wandering lost by the side of the road.
Will Moan For Brains.

It was fun, exhausting, entertaining oh and exhausting. This is one sad and tired zombie.
Just another typical Sunday.

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