Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Trip Down Tombstone Lane

It isn't often that I reminisce about projects past, but I thought now would be a good time to share some of the pieces of styrofoam I've glued, cut, sanded, and painted to become decorations for our Halloween cemetery of horrors! (The horrors is that you have to make it past our dog who's SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU!!!!11!!!)

This is my Poe tombstone, and the second one I ever made. A dremel did most of the raven work, which now I look at and am not happy with at all. I still love the quote though.

Last year was our first ever FearCrafters Halloween Costume Ball-o-rama™ That meant my husband and I were scraping our fingers to the bone to make tombstones to decorate the place with and auction off. The first was a stone he first slapped together and came up with the story to.

Then he let me do all the hand carving with an exacto blade. I am never ever letting him pick the font size ever again.
My husband wanted a cross so he carved all that by himself. I wanted it to look different from stone grey so I painted it tan and white. It got mangled by the shed shrapnel from the flying non-Hagrid motorcycle but luckily came out the better for it.
Another wacky idea by my husband was an obelisk. Alas, it got chunks taken out of it by the motorcycle and might not be reparable.
 While my husband was scraping his fingers working on an insane design I decided to go full nerd and make a Templar tombstone. What makes it nerdy is that's Templar as in mage hunter as in Dragon Age as in a video game as in I'll just stop now.
 I made one more DA tombstone, this time devoted to that wacky Amell family
Now my husband, after much prodding by me, was finally ready to finish off his angel tombstone, which also nerdy but for such a very rare reason I see no point in explaining it.
To finish off the nerdhood I made an MST3K one, because why not.

This year we're working in a much smaller venue so we don't need anywhere near as many stones. This means so far I've only carved and finished two.

The first is a gothic style I wanted to try with Gargoyles and columns and other things that are a giant pain in the ass:
And the other is another Video Game inside joke, this time courtesy of Elder Scrolls.
 In case you can't read that.
And that's all the stones for the dead I've created/helped to create over the past 2-3 years.

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