Monday, April 22, 2013

Tentacle Bookmark & Free Book

I had a crazy, wacky, possibly dangerous idea to make a clay bookmark that's a bit more three dimensional than usual.

I wanted to have something poking out of the top of the book, so tentacles. Super tiny tentacles with super tiny suckers, that in no way drove me super tiny mad.

The bass relief (crazy overworked fish) of the tentacles was a bit easier. Again more suckers but rolled up flattened bits of clay isn't so hard, and I had lots of fun gouging to make the waves. Gouge Gouge Gouge!

I have some crazy idea to make a Tardis bookmark next so look for that any other Whovians out there.

Oh and the free book.

For a week my first book Tin Hero is totally free from Smashwords. You can download any version you'd like: Kindle, Nook, PDF, RTF, HMO, PCP, POE, OPE, must stop commies from poisoning our drinking water...

So there ya go, a wacky bookmark and a free book. Have at it.

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