Monday, April 29, 2013

A Garden Planet

I am no decorator.

I am no dictator either....yet.

But there's a trend this year in fancying up gardens that I find intriguing. In between talking mushrooms, amphibians forced to hold chive signs, and shattered glass stands for birds to crap all over, small stakeable planets are a big thing.

Most are far to put this delicately...ugly and overwrought for me.
So imagine my surprise that it was Target, the lynchpin in the overwrought and trying too hard to out fancy other middle class ladder climbers would have the most understated and perfect planets for my little zucchini infested solar system.

But the real fun is at night.

They're solar powered because I don't have the attention span to remember to turn my little planets on every night, or ever really.

They also had a crackled LED changing one, but I hate LED color change anything. In my day lights stayed one color AND WE LIKED IT THAT WAY!

They're about $13 each, and a surprisingly hefty sized glass ball. So if you want to start your own little garden solar system they're at Target next to the freaky wire skeleton peacocks that no one ever buys.

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