Monday, April 7, 2014

Book stuff

Hello, it's been a wee bit maddening around here the past week or so.

To begin, I had the brilliantly stupid plan to get back into the novel writing business this month. I wasn't going to create a full novel, but I had a shorter novella in mind and since Camp Nano was starting up in April I figured, why not.

 Normally this time of year I'd be editing and after I blew my brain scraping The King's Blood into a published state, I've been itching to put finger to laptop.
I've been doing some updating to my website, which I am half assing at this point because of stuff. But if you had any pressing King's Blood questions and didn't want to ask me this might help.

The King's Blood.

Also, in keeping the marketing machine going, I've created a facebook author page. I'll be posting stuff there linking around to my writing and giveaways and swag as I make that stuff.

If you want to like me on facebook here's the page.

S. E. Zbasnik on the facebook

I'm also working on a guest blog post about love triangles and will be doing a podcast in the end of April, so you can all see me being terrifying!

As if all that isn't enough I had some fresh ulcers dropped onto my gastrointestinal tract last night. Originally, one of the things Lulu promised us along with book covers (we all know how well that went) was a book trailer and website. I suspected the website wouldn't be anything all that useful to me so I made my own but I'd been a wee bit counting on the book trailer for that Pubslush thing we're being highly encouraged to do.

You can probably guess where this is going. Since that is no longer an option, I'm working with Erin Kelly to make something. She's amazing and the person I made that Cthulhu Caketopper for. I just didn't anticipate planning and scripting a book trailer this month.

If I don't make it out of this month alive, with my dying breath I curse Zoidberg!

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