Wednesday, April 16, 2014

First Review and Giveaway

It has begun.

The other half of the "begging everyone and their little dog too to give a review" is "getting said reviews and then mining them for blurbs to get other people to review it." I think it finally ends with a giant explosion and we're all star babies or something.

Ah, but the point. We were all here for the point. To tie in with my first book review, the website is also offering my first giveaway. If you want a free ebook copy, head on over and throw in your name.

Read the Review and Enter for a Free Copy

I suppose this means it's finally time to put up the amazon link and info up on my side. If you want to buy it, head on over here.

Now to wait for that "I hated it and you should be beaten with a sack full of fish" review.

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