Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fool's Polish

I'm not one to play the April Fool's tricks on this Internet Christmas. In fact, I prefer to make the what if games every other day of the year and leave today for the amateurs. So, rather than try and trick you all I shall instead dredge up the nail polishes I created for nerds a few years back and offer them up for anyone else who may be lacking in a certain scruples.

If someone were to say, present one of these as real and available, I cannot be held accountable.

Doctor Who Nail Polish Theme:
Lord of the Rings
Star Trek:
Two Hellboys because sometimes you just need a giant red demon with a rock fist:
In the not to distant future, somewhere in polish and space:
Futurama - that's dolomite baby!
And I swear this last one was at my husband's urging:
Now I just have to kidnap a nail polish R&D scientist and make them real.

Or be able to create matter with my mind. Whichever is easiest on the universe.

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