Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Dwarves in Space: The Untold Saga

Aka, I got my free copy of a book that no one else will ever see or own.

Once again Lulu offered a free hardcover and I figured, what the hell.

I already had the front cover image that I made back in August or whenever I was hiding from writing.
For the back cover, I just slapped on some space images and an old synopsis I threw together for a failed query (Failed Query is the name of my embittered punk garage band).
I got a bit fancier with the title page because what the hell and found some decorative clip art and tossed it all together.
I also got a chance to reuse the poster I made again for reasons of hiding from writing:
And for the inside book art itself, I went a bit goofy what with it being a goofy book. A planet sword combo on the top odd page and stars around every page number.

The Chapter Title graphics are actually a bit prettier than I should have used but I liked them. And if anyone wants to use them for a real book just ask. They're gathering dust.
And that's my super secret collectors one-of-a-kind edition of a book no one gives a shit about.

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