Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Free Space!

Long time no share, eh? After suffering super, major, I-never-want-to-look-at-another-word-again blow out from getting out The King's Blood, I finally picked up some of my Dwarves in Space and decided it was time.

The little novella is off in beta reading stage, and I've begun serious edits on the first one, but I'm here to show off pictures. First up, some new cover ideas.

They're all for different books, so no need to pick a favorite. I'm partial to the first just because it's blue myself. Also stabby things make everything better.

I also whipped up a little I don't know what to call it to represent my ship. Originally called the Constellation Cruise its named changed to the Elation Cru as letters fell off.
Now to the free space. In addition to making all this stuff, I dusted off the old Dwarves in Space website I cracked back in Novemberish. And I needed a nice space background for the site. Nothing too outlandish, and dark.

So, if anyone needs a blog background of space for free, here ya go. She's full of stars!
Just right click and save, then you can slap it around wherever you need some stars. SPACE!

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ganymeder said...

Nice! I'm partial to the blue as well. Please let me know when the novella comes out. :)